Akashic Conundrum

Teri Uktena
8 min readJul 7

First I want you to begin thinking of journeying to the Akashics like going to meet a friend at the coffee shop. It could be just to spend some time together, to get caught up on each other, or for a specific purpose, but you know for sure you’re going to meet them, there will be a coffee shop, and there will be coffee. Yay! Next I want you to think of your animal guide as the friend you are intending to meet at the coffee shop. Because they are and you are. Now when you meet someone at a coffee shop you don’t approach them as if they are dangerous or some sacred being or a symbol of something, you approach them as your friend. Of course you note how they look, what they are wearing, how their hair is done, etc. In fact, this is in part why we want to meet them in person. We want to interact with their person, you know, personally. Otherwise we could have coffee at home in our jammies and Skype them. We may or may not remark on how they look, depending on who we are, who they are and what boundaries there are on the relationship. Some need the superficial “You look nice today” and some require the “What were you thinking?” or the “Wow! I love it!” Each to their own.

Ok, so you’ve arrived at the shop, you’ve spotted your friend, you’ve got coffee in hand and you’ve gotten through the preliminaries. Now what? Well, that’s a conversational thing, right? Someone starts the conversation and then it rolls…or doesn’t. Again, depends on the people, the relationship, and the reason for the meeting. But someone starts the conversation, usually the one who initiated the meeting in the first place and they at some point head the conversation towards what they want or need.

You with me so far? Good. Now, when you go to the Akashics with my meditations you goto your room. It’s your room and only yours. No one can enter it without your permission. You give permission to your animal guide because that’s how I set up the meditations. I’m sneaky that way. ;) The initial room isn’t a foyer, it isn’t some staging area, it’s yours. It is a reflection of who you are and how you’re doing in life at the moment. Just recently I was working with a student whose room was completely sterile, no personality at all, practically empty. So was their life at the moment. Everything in place but nothing lived in or loved. I have worked with other students where the room looked like a group of teenage…

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