Akashic Healing

Teri Uktena
11 min readFeb 16

How to utilize the Akashics for healing.

Culturally were still trying to pull ourselves together from the scientific, postindustrial deconstruction of human beings into their constituent parts. This is highlighted in the realm of healing where we very carefully separate out the various types of healing like food on a cafeteria tray. There is mental health, spiritual healing, physical health and emotional well-being. We are taught to keep these things as separate as possible, while acknowledging the unfortunate way in which they influence each other. We’re taught ways to minimize their interconnectedness and along the way taught a hierarchy among them which influences how we interact with them, how we perceive ourselves when we need healing in one area or another, and what modalities of treatment we should use.

We are cut up into bits, some of which are deemed better than others and sent to the various specialists who can help us fix what is broken. The body is seen as a machine which breaks down and has a minimal warranty, but only for the first 12–15 years. After this you’re out of pocket and all that can be done is repair and replacement so keep up on your regular maintenance.

Emotions are considered dangerous and difficult other than the select few which have been awarded the designation “positive” in various contexts and so are to be controlled at all times. Therefore to be emotional other than at specific times in specific ways is considered a health issue and requires healing, preferably through pharmaceutical intervention. Various therapies in a range of strengths and invasiveness can be helpful for more long term and/or resistant emotional issues.

Spiritual problems are relegated to concerns of ethics or morals if they are acknowledged at all. They are relegated to categories on the fringes of society such as crack pots or mystics. Since the soul and spirituality are seen as the complete opposite of science and separated into a completely different category, any supposed health issues connected with them must obviously be in this realm as well. In a secular society based on scientific principals and economics, the soul is neither detectable nor merchandisable and therefore non-existent. Phantasms cannot need healing.

Teri Uktena

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