Body, Energy, and the Two-way Street

Teri Uktena
8 min readAug 3

So much about how we view energy and the body is one way. So much so that when I point out to clients I’m looking at their energy moving healthily both from top to bottom and bottom to top there is a pause. It’s confusing to people because we focus so much on the top down flow. Instead of seeing energy circulating like blood or lymph we instead think of it like water going through a hose. In fact, many energy healing practices focus primarily on this, putting energy out through our hands like leaf blowers and ignoring entirely the fact our hands also act like vacuums, usually both at the same time. Most people leaf blow with the right hand and vacuum with the left simultaneously unless they focus. This causes all kinds of difficulties if they aren’t aware. I mean, doing healing work where people are releasing things and you have an active vacuum? You are bound to pick up some stuff and then have to spend time getting rid of it. Knowing things go in both directions allows you to turn off one side of things temporarily or at least be aware of the issue and take precautions.

Ok, here’s some other ways in which we see the flow of things as only going one way. We focus on Universal energy/wisdom/insight flowing down to us. We also know we need to ground ourselves so we connect our energy downwards into the earth or get it to sink down into quiet. We don’t notice earth energy flows up in equal measure, providing energy/wisdom/insight. We think of grounding as putting things into the ground, we rarely recognize it’s offering things up to us in almost the exact same way as the Universal flow. Healing practice teaches us how our body works (or doesn’t) is not only biology, it’s symbolic and has a great deal of wisdom it’s trying to impart to us. For example there’s a reason why a person would only get injured on their left side throughout their life beyond klutziness or why their thyroid suddenly stops working correctly or why cancer shows up here and not there. Knowing this we try to figure out what the message is and take healing action to stop the message and perhaps even go further to heal the underlying issues. This is directional flow, the body as distinct messenger giving us information to act on.

And in all of this we have to be reminded time and again through a myriad of means that we are not disembodied minds floating around in body…

Teri Uktena

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