Embodied Life and Reincarnation

Why Choose To Embody? For…Well…The Body

As souls in the Akashics we have forms which are unconstrained. The basis of our existence is integration and we experience this, in part, through instant communication in the forms of telepathy and telempathy. Now, living in each other’s heads sounds like it would be fun and make things so much easier. I mean, we wouldn’t get confused about what someone needs or have to ask what they are thinking or guess at motivations. It makes for a great Sci/Fi story even, but it also creates a dynamic which forms a cultural constraint on how we live. Imagine for a moment (or remember) what it is like to live in a place where everything you think and feel is instantly thought and felt by everyone around you. In a group, such as your soul group which typically consists of fifteen to forty souls, you would feel all of their feelings and thinking all of their thoughts instantaneously. Seem overwhelming? Well, it could be.

Part of our early learning and becoming as souls is to think and feel in a way which is gentle. We adopt a rhythm of beingness which slows things down, accommodating everyone, helping us keep it all in sync. It is most definitely a place where “Do Unto Others” is the golden rule. It’s not that we don’t disagree, don’t feel things, get hurt or frustrated or angry. It’s just we do so in a modulated way. Knowing how we express these things even to ourselves affects others so we learn to be careful and respectful. And the same can be said for feeling joy and love and excitement and fascination. We do so fully and completely, but with the same care and respect. We are never alone; we are always connected and fully supported in becoming our best selves in every moment.

Which brings us back to embodied life. Why choose to experience something so difficult, so different, so isolated and seemingly disconnected? Just that. Being able to unplug. Oh, we don’t completely unplug at all. We’re still very much connected to source, to the Akashics, to each other in a multiplicity of ways both conscious and unconscious. But in taking on this physical form we switch constraints and freedoms. I liken coming into a body like steam condensing into water. We move from formless to form and enter into a container. In doing so we are no longer in instantaneous communication with anyone. So begins a learning process which I call the University of You. Because it’s the all you channel 24/7. Complete freedom to think anything you want as much as you want as loud and as long as you want. The ability to feel as little or as much about anything and everything at any time and to experience the consequences, potentially without interacting with another living person.

Yes, we are social and we are not islands which float around in this world, but this body allows us to experience aloness, to fully experience ourselves in ways we cannot do otherwise. And in that way it condenses not only the substance of our being, but our learning. We learn and become exponentially more by experiencing embodied life and so accelerate maturation. What might take millennia to figure out through living naturally in the Akashics might only take one or two lifetimes of embodiment. So while living an embodied life is complicated and difficult as well as joyous and amazing, it is also one of the better ways to discover more fully who we are and all the unique beauty and potential inside us.

Can Physics and Metaphysics Meet?

Now let’s move to the other side of the equation. Looking from embodiment, how can we know that we reincarnate at all?

In a world view formed by the Industrial Revolution and the Scientific Method, being able to reproduce results in a lab is the gold standard of ‘proof’ of concept in almost all aspects of life. In common parlance we call it dependability. Also, because scientists realize they would be out of a job if they claimed with absolute certainty some fact is true (remembering that in the past authorities thought the world was flat and the sun revolved around the Earth…ahem) they state, honestly if not humbly, reproducibility is the closest we can come to knowing something is true. They also state there will always be more things to find out about the truth.

On the other hand we have Past Life experiences. Through spontaneous remembering, through hypnosis, through traumatic incident, Akashic readings or other various means, people remember and even re-experience the fact they have lived as a human being previous to this life. This understanding of life’s spiral nature, of reincarnation, has existed possibly since the beginning of humanity. It shows up in various forms in a most of the major religions and is understood in quite a few indigenous cultures as well. Each imbues the process with meaning and relevance according to their own perspective incorporating it into their worldview, which is only fair, to be honest. Like all other aspects of spirituality, the difficulty arises when someone begins to believe their view is the only correct view and all others are false. Worse if they act on that in order to ‘help’ others. But I digress.

By its very nature, past life experiences are not reproducible. Every life is unique, each person’s experience of it is unique, each one experiences it in a different way, and, as most of us realize in time, getting groups of human beings to do anything in an organized fashion repeatedly is a bit like herding toddlers…or cats…take your pick. In the metaphysical or psychic laboratory experiments, reproducibility is formulated through statistical analysis. It’s not a matter of results being the same every time, but statistical analysis showing a result happening more often than random chance would account for. So it would seem there is no way in which to research past lives other than through mediums and past life regressionists and Akashic readers. However…

There are a small number of scientists who are trying to make these two things meet in the middle. And where they converge is Field Study. Field studies take things out of the lab, out of the absolutely reproducible and highly controlled into the messiness of the real world with all of its variation. In this case what they are studying are reports of reincarnation in children. Young children seem to remember past lives clearly and are able to spontaneously report on them. This occurs not just in one local region, one country, even one cultural group. It appears it happens all over the world regardless of demographic. And this is where scientists are researching to find the scientific evidence which can prove, to the scientific community, reincarnation exists and is actually happening.

To do this they are applying the scientific method which means they start from the premise that they don’t know whether reincarnation exists and then seek rigorously to disprove it factually and dispassionately. Interestingly, there are three scientists who come from three different personal perspectives (curious and willing to believe, culturally accepting, and skeptic) yet all three are arriving at the same place. That while the preponderance of the evidence isn’t quite there yet, they can’t find any other reason why these events occur or why they get reported, therefore they are all leaning towards reincarnation being scientifically factual.

The preeminent scientist in this field is Ian Stevenson. Since the 60’s he has been doing field study work in India, Europe, and the Middle East researching reports of children remembering their past lives. He has done case studies in the US as well, but they are more difficult to document. He didn’t start out in this field, but it fascinated him enough once it occurred to him he spent his life researching cases, sometimes revisiting the families and the reportee repeatedly over decades. Interestingly enough he had no difficulty finding cases to study wherever he went due to the fact that for every one he found, the family, neighbors and even staff at the hotels where he stayed would report to him of other cases they had heard. In fact, he had constantly to deal with an embarrassment of riches, having too many cases to choose from at any given time. He has published numerous books on his work including.

Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation: Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged

Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation

Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect

A colleague of his, Dr. Satwant Pasricha, has expanded his work following more cases and expanding the reach of the research to date. Being Muslim she comes from a faith which accepts reincarnation and working in India where reincarnation is also a large component of the culture she has no dearth of subjects to study. However, she will point out her beliefs do not color her work as a scientist and her research points to both religious belief systems being proven wrong in the meaning and weight they place on the reasons for reincarnation. Her research is just not supporting how they think about it. She has published books and scholarly articles on the subject including these:

Claims of reincarnation: An empirical study of cases in India

Can the mind survive beyond death: in pursuit of scientific evidence

Dr. Jim B. Tucker, avowedly skeptical about reincarnation, got into the field through working with Ian Stevenson and took up Stevenson’s research after his retirement in 2002. He focuses primarily on cases in the US and has published many articles about the subject as well as a book Life Before Life: Children’s Memories of Previous Lives and has participated in a documentary on one of his cases “Extraordinary People — The Boy Who Lived Before”

All of these scientists have found over time several things which reoccur in the reports and experiences of their subjects.

1. The spontaneous reports of past lives by children concern lives where the end was violent either through accident or human intervention.

2. Children begin early by stating their biological parents are not their real parents. If there are siblings the child will point out the parents are connected with the siblings but not themselves.

3. These spontaneously reported new lives appear to begin a minimum of 16 months after the past live is ended.

4. The new lives are rarely if ever an improvement over the past life. Most are exactly the same, a great many in abject poverty or in war torn, straightened, or difficult situations. In these cases there appears to be no evidence that reincarnating has improved the soul’s lot in life.

While this research is by definition narrow focused and painstaking, it is creating a space where metaphysics and physics can meet. Dr. Tucker is beginning to include Zero Point theory (the scientific concept of the Akashics) and quantum mechanics into his understanding of how reincarnation might occur and perhaps why. It will be interesting to see how this field expands into the mainstream in the 21st century.

Teri Uktena works to help people change their lives, to help them achieve their dreams, find divine purpose, and achieve happiness through Akashic Readings

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