Is Embodying All We Do?

From working in the Akashics for these many years I have come to realize a few things about our lives here which apply to most everyone. One is our lives here are very much a means for us to learn and grow. Think of this life as if you were a student of a foreign language. At some point you have learned as much as you can from books, classes and teachers. Now you need to take the next step and use the language practically. So you become an exchange student in a country which uses the language. Or you take a job in said country for a year. Or you find some other opportunity to live for a specific amount of time in this foreign country. The full immersion there, language/culture/social networks, teaches you more in a few days than you learned from any book in a year. And it teaches you things you didn’t realize there were to learn. It’s an adventure which takes all of your attention, is a watershed moment in your life, changes you forever, and then is over and you go back (more or less) to where you started. Afterwards you decompress, reassess, and figure out what life is now you are someone new. You make choices based on this “new you” and go in new directions because of them.

Embodied life is much like this. Our lives are lived in the Akashics. We study and do and become and learn until there is a point where we need to put all of it into practice. Being embodied is not the only means by which we can do this, but, like full immersion in a different language or culture, it is one with the ability to give us maximum exposure and learning possibilities in a very short amount of time. So, even with all the difficulties living a human life entails, a great many of us choose it for the benefits it affords. And after each life we take our experiences, our wisdom, our new found knowledge and incorporate this into whom we are, then continue our lives in the Akashics. Living embodied lives are brief interludes in a much larger scheme of things.

Which begs the question, so what do we do when we aren’t here? This is as varied as there are souls. Some souls spend the majority of their time learning about themselves, about others, and about what it means to be a soul in the Akashics. Just as human children spend childhood learning what it means to be human, from eating/sleeping/pooping straight up to dating/marriage/children, from ages 0–18 they lives are about learning the basics and the not so basics about human life. So the beginning of a soul, whose life is eternal and therefore the beginning can span many millennia, includes learning how to interact with each other and how to be a soul. But it also means learning how to work with other beings such as Librarians and Archivists, dragons and those who exist as symbols, architectural beings, those who exists in angelic realms, those who exist as planets and stars, those who exist in other forms than humanoid…the list goes on and on. And to this is added the history of all of these beings, a complex and deep understanding of the physics and metaphysics of how the Universe works, learning how time is spherical and just another dimension of space,the art of creation, the delicate balance that is conservation of energy, free will, and the interconnectivity which governs it all.

Some beings have added to this education by taking on specialized studies of specific topics much like someone here would take on a Master’s degree or Ph.D. They spend their time researching their field of study which includes practical applications just like archaeology requires digging up artifacts and linguistics requires the study of language as it is used. If a soul’s area of interest is something having to do with humans, then they might choose to embody on a regular basis in order to research things practically or put into practice what they have learned.

Still others take on careers. These beings work in service for the greater good in a multiplicity of specialties. I have met those who work to form soul groups, those who help souls fit into and attach to their infant human body at the start of an embodied life, some who work maintaining planetary ecosystems, others who are working to retrieve ancient knowledge and weave it into our current universal framework to aid in the current paradigm shift and still others who work to maintain and support the shift in progress. There are those who work as Librarians in the Akashic Library, whom I talk about often in connection with my Akashic classes. They are amazing individuals, each unique and each, for the most part, a character in their own right and a joy to interact with. I work extensively with Archivists, who work to maintain all the contracts we write and agree to, those which are not yet activated, those which are currently active, and those which are complete. There are healers of every type and description including those who work with embodied beings and those who help heal souls who have been damaged by an embodied life.

A career or a vocation is a call to service. It is an opportunity for the soul to use their gift, skills, and knowledge in an effort to help another soul(s) to achieve something. It is a task taken on not for reward or gain, but the satisfaction of being in service to others, the pleasure of the task itself and for the betterment of all. Careers in the Akashics are not all consuming as they can be for embodied people. Sacrificing the self for another or using a vocation to avoid social interactions or learning experiences is actively discouraged as it does violence to the one in service and causes negative repercussions for the soul group, the teacher, their guides, and those being served. As all is love, careers are balanced with personal needs and growth, the needs of the soul group, and of others within the social sphere of the soul.

The most common opportunity for entering into service is helping members of the soul’s soul group which are embodied while the serving soul is not. This is not a scheduled or contracted intervention but an additional aid when embodied times get tough or encouragement when the embodied soul is tackling a challenge successfully. This can take the form of active monitoring, sending loving thoughts and feelings as encouragement, reinforcing the feeling of not being alone, sending responses to prayer in dreamtime, helping answer requests in symbolic form or inserting ‘coincidences’ into their path which help lead the embodied soul in the direction they have chosen and will best fit their needs.

Another regular opportunity for service is being a spirit guide for an embodied soul. Every soul that chooses an embodied life has at least one guide or helper who works with them during that life. For simpler life forms only one guide is necessary to fulfill all of the needs of that soul. For human lives a team is required and therefore many souls agree to support the embodied being in various aspects and tasks for that life. Some people experience these as guardians angels, others as friends, some see them in the form of past loves ones, and still others as deities or spirit beings. All of these are possible and likely as many types of souls are needed to work with embodied beings for a multitude of reasons. If a soul takes on the responsibility for a member of their own soul group which has embodied they will most likely utilize a form that is familiar to the embodying soul if they are capable of projecting a form and if direct communication of that type is required. If the serving soul has recently embodied and was known to the currently embodied soul, then that form is used.

A more complex service is taking on responsibility as a personal guide for a soul. Whether embodied or in the Akashics this role is to provide one-on-one mentoring and study for one particular soul. This can be to offer wisdom in dealing with difficult emotions in situations by which the soul is most often triggered, to be a guide in their development of a particular skill such as learning to trust in their innate skills or talents in a particular field, or providing support during a difficult task such as being a white lighter while embodied during a difficult period of history. Guides can appear during an embodied life for a brief moment in time or can work with us for our entire lifetime. Your animal guide is a good example of this. They work with you while you are consciously journeying in the Akashics.

Even more complex and rewarding is the role of teacher. The term teacher as we come to know it in Western societies is not quite equivalent to the role in the Akashics, but hints at its essence. A teacher for a soul group takes on the responsibility for the safety, well-being, growth and life of each soul in their care. They support and nurture these souls, each equally, to help them achieve their best possible potential while still allowing them free will and the ability to live as they choose. No one is graded, no one is held back or judged, and each soul is loved and challenged and supported throughout their life’s journey in all aspects of their life. The role of the teacher is to be parent, role model, instructor, older sibling, confidant, and so much more. And over eons it is possible that souls from the soul group may achieve a level of being that allows the teacher to become a friend and peer as well.

Yet these are only some of the careers and vocations available. Another opportunity is to be a healer. Embodied souls struggle with difficult situations and sometimes experience physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual harm during that life. Souls with a high degree of empathy, with experience in embodying, and with skills in nurturing forms and returning beings to their natural healthy state can work as healers. They can provide healing opportunities and education or inspiration concerning healing to embodied souls during their life. They can also work with returning souls who have sustained hurts from an embodied life if the hurt is more than the reintegration process can mend.

So embodied life is most definitely not the majority of what we do. But it’s an amazing opportunity and we should enjoy every minute of it while we have the chance. Embodied life is meant to support us in forgetting all I’ve just described so we can focus on the life here. Which is one reason why holding onto a spiritually awakened state can be so very difficult. Somehow we think if we just remember who we were, all will become clear and things will be less difficult and much more rewarding. Well, that’s a bit backwards. We wanted to forget a large portion of that because the purpose of our being here is to be HERE. We’re supposed to be navel gazing, as it were, living our life here without worrying about the other side of things. We’re supposed to be experiencing spiritual awakening through this embodied life, not despite it. We’re meant to find divinity and love and joy and ecstasy here through living, not hope for release from this state to receive some reward later on.

It is rewarding to get home. After a long journey coming home is a blessing and a joy. But it’s not the reason we left and if we spend the entire journey hoping to get home, then we’ve missed the point. So if you feel like life distracts you from being spiritual, then good. It should. So don’t worry about getting yourself to the mountain so you can feel spirituality, bring the mountain to you. Bring spirituality into your life in everything you do. Let everything you do be an outpouring of your spirituality. Because you are just as sacred and spiritual and awakened as any guru. And only you can live the life you’ve been given.

Teri Uktena works to help people change their lives, to help them achieve their dreams, find divine purpose, and achieve happiness through Akashic Readings

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