Practical Next Steps

Teri Uktena
8 min readJan 15

People tend to think in capital letters when working in the Akashics. They are looking for ANSWERS to the BIG questions, seeking their PATH in life, what are they here to DO and so on, which is great. Go big or go home as far as I’m concerned. We spend so much time in our lives avoiding such things, distracting ourselves, being realistic and conforming. It’s good to let all this drop away and go looking for some unadulterated essential truth about ourselves. In the Akashics the capital letter answers are not hard to find at all. They are all around us in our rooms, in communications with our animal guides, mentors, Librarians and others, and in our soul books. There’s an embarrassment of riches in how much unfiltered, unmediated information we can access about ourselves there. Want to know why you chose this life? Answers coming up. Want to know who you really are? Yup, it’s there. Just ask. Want to know why you are connected to this person or that? Right there in section 6 of your book. Want to know what is possible for you in this lifetime? All laid out, just start looking around you.

Finding those answers is rarely a problem for people when they start working in the Akashics. It’s what comes next which can be a doozy. Well, for a majority of people it is. For some the answers are just confirmation of what they have always known and a deepening of this understanding. The process becomes a journey of exploration which provides them more inspiration for the life they are already leading. I love these people and at the same time react to them a bit like perky morning people. I grumble and harrumph at them while downing my second cup of tea. *grumble mumble “happy people” grumble* So let’s just let those inspired people go be inspired for a while and I’ll address the rest of humanity. LOL

For most people, once they have been shown the answers, I mean the ANSWERS, they have been looking for they are left with more questions than they had before. Like any good scientist or interviewer learns early on, how you ask the question is just as key as what question you ask, because it sets up the type of answer you’re going to get. Ask a capital letter question and you’ll get a capital letter answer. Great! Now what? Capital letter questions and answers are almost always missing things such as instruction manuals, guides to installation, or an FAQ on how to connect them…

Teri Uktena

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