Souls come into being in the Akashics. This is a place outside of physical life, in the immensity of all that is beyond embodied life, where souls coalesce from potential into actuality. As souls we have no mother or father. We appear from the potential as unique individuals, beautiful expressions of what free will can make of the infinite “What if?” In what can be described as a brief instant we are truly free, associated with nothing and no one, completely ourselves and yet connected with everything. Such profundity is something which even in a seemingly boundaryless state of pure energy we cannot experience for long without losing ourselves and returning to the not yet of potential.

There are those who have travelled in the Akashics and seen aspects of this process for themselves. Some see the fields of potential where souls are in the process of coalescing. Some the living symbols of the process as a tree producing souls from within like acorns stored in their roots. Some see the souls as fruit being produced. Others have seen the bright light source of pure energy as souls come fully into being. All of these are aspects of the process and those fortunate to see them often receive personal healing from reconnecting with this source of self and with their origins.

While souls are in this infinite moment of pure beingness at the beginning of existence, mature souls with highly specialized skills in the area of personality perception, social dynamics, qualitative assessment and soul development observe and assess each one to learn who and what they are. As souls learn, grow and develop best in intimate connection with others, these skilled beings, who I call Social Workers for lack of a better term, gather the young in groups of 15 to 40 based on what is best for each individual soul as well as for the entire group. Each is then accepted by a Teacher, a soul who agrees to be their parent/instructor/mentor/best friend for as long as they are needed which, if we were to measure in linear time, can stretch for many millennia and sometimes beyond.

Once a group of souls or Soul Group is formed, it is permanent. The souls will belong to no other group although they may work with multitudes of others for many different reasons. Their group, which consists of souls all approximately the same age and all at the exact same level of soul growth and maturity, will work together exclusively at the beginning learning the rudiments of existence and how to coexist in a place where all communication is through thought, emotion and form. It is rarely necessary in the early stages to teach any formal lessons as all learning is through direct interactions with each other and the teacher.

This is one reason why soul group members know each other more intimately than they will know anyone else. The very roots of their understanding of themselves and everything else is based on interactions with each other. Group members learn how to communicate without over powering, controlling, or harming another since all communication is not only fully sensorial, but immersive. They learn how to retain identity and self-possession when another member is requesting we do or be something as well as how to maintain neutrality when listening to another or to be respectful when something which is impacting you is not meant for you to perceive. Souls have no encasement, no privacy, and no means of lying or hiding and so come to depths of understanding not only of themselves but of each other which no embodied relationship can rival. Part of a Teacher’s role is to guide the process on a virtuous cycle while allowing difficult lessons and discoveries to propel growth and development.

Once the entire group has learned the complexity of behaviors required to interact well with each other and with their teacher it is time to begin interacting with other soul groups. This is when souls begin to learn what we consider lessons. At first souls are introduced to the reality of other soul groups. By the time these lessons begin young souls are aware other soul groups exist. For each soul it’s a bit different but in general the experience is somewhat like becoming aware of a sound or event happening on the other side of a wall. You realize you’ve been aware of it for some time, but it’s just now becoming a big enough distraction or you’ve just now focused your awareness on it so it comes into focus as something you should care about.

What is immediately apparent when a soul group begins to socialize with other groups is each group uniqueness which rivals that of each soul within a group. Soul groups are formed in part from souls with similar interests or aptitudes. Some groups are curious about very detailed, granular aspects of what they experience around them, others are interested in social interactions, still others are drawn to the big picture of things or the “Why?” of it all. Each group learns the same things, goes through the same maturation process, but they do so through their own group dynamic. They each see the world through their own specific lens, as it were.

When groups begin to socialize, they are not directed to do so with their own “age” or maturation level. Groups of all different developmental stages are able to interact casually and do so with varied measures of interest and grace. It can be revelatory to realize that while your soul group is geared towards creativity, merger, and fluidity, others are interested in differentiating themselves into the infinite possibilities within one symbol such as a number or a shape. There are soul groups made up of souls we would see as roman numerals or Pythagorean solids which is one reason why items in embodied life formed into those shapes have such radiant properties.

This brings me to something which often confuses people. Souls are not created in order to be embodied nor are souls some kind of vapor version of bipedal beings. Each of us is coherent energy. We are thought and emotions, a core identity which exists beyond time and space. We have entire lives which in no way revolve around being encased in flesh and living in gravity. Souls who choose to embody are only a percentage of all the souls in existence. There are a great many souls who do not choose to embody and in fact they are in the majority.

Embodiment is a choice and is for the purpose of growth, learning and maturity. Each planet is not only its own living being and part of the universal ecology, but also an educational space geared to teach souls particular aspects of how to be more themselves and to more fully participate in existence. This planet is one of the more advanced in that it teaches both about fear and about love. We cannot know the true depths of love, its strengths, its weaknesses, the pitfalls and glories, if we have not experienced it within the context of fear, survival, hardship, heartbreak, and loss. As we do not have those things in the Akashics, as they exist only here in anything beyond theory, souls choose to embody here as a means to accelerate their learning and maturation. Think of embodiment somewhat like a full emersion language course. It can be agonizingly frustrating, but the learning will be etched into the very fabric of your being.

When a soul group is ready to begin learning the types of lessons available through embodiment, the opportunity is offered to the group as a whole. It is incredibly rare for a soul to begin embodying individually. Either a group will choose to learn through embodiment or not. Once the choice has been made they begin the process together. For each educational opportunity or planet the soul group designs lives where the majority of their interactions will be with each other. This allows them the security of having each other to rely on while being in a completely new and possibly difficult situation and environment. For embodiment as human beings this means soul groups usually start out embodying as family groups where some souls are the grandparents, others the parents, and still others the children. This may extend to grandchildren depending on how many are in the group, how many wish to embody at any given time, and if rapid fire repeated embodiments are planned. Contracts with other soul groups allow for more mature souls to be part of the social interactions in the embodiment as well as teachers, those who will be instigating learning situations, and so on.

After a time, as the basic lessons are learned to an extent they no longer need practice or if specific lessons are needed by some souls while others are interested in learning additional subjects, the soul group might begin to embody in smaller sub groups. These may be siblings, best friends, peers and so on or interesting “unusual” connections such as a young person with an elder or two people from completely different cultures which would normally be antagonistic.

Eventually, souls from the group will individuate their learning by designing and living through lives specifically geared towards their personal maturation and development which do not include others from their soul group. Those who are stuck on a particular lesson can create scenarios to focus solely on this while others may choose to do extracurricular work either in an embodied situation or remain at home in the Akashics. The soul group will not move forward to the next educational environment until everyone has finished with the previous one.

So at any given time a person may have over 30 soul group members embodied during their life time, a handful, only one or two, or none. They may be meant to live out a life interacting with their soul group, to work with some of them and not others, to meet only one and they be someone who breaks their heart, or to not have anything to do with them until the life is complete. This is completely normal, expected, and agreed to before the life ever begins.

To add complexity to the situation, there are a percentage of souls who embody, not for their own learning or becoming, but because they are in service. For every educational space there must be staff. Some are educators, some are management, some maintenance and some architects. These beings are mature beyond the need for soul group interactions. They have moved into the realm of service and while still knowing, loving, and enjoying the attention of their soul group members, spend the majority of their current existence with their peers or others they work with in various capacities. Teachers do not spend their time with their soul group, but with their charges and other teachers. Healers spend time with healers and their patients and so on. Those who chose to embody in service rarely if ever have any soul group members embodied at the same time and if they do, those members are also in service and wholly involved in the lives they have created to provide it. They aren’t meant to interact with each other. This doesn’t mean the soul knows no one. On the contrary. Souls who are in service not only know magnitudes more souls than someone learning lessons, but due to the process of being in service are able to recognize them much easier.

This creates a great deal of confusion for people when they are taught about soul groups and soul mates by spiritual community. Most teachings about soul groups state that everyone has a soul group embodied with them, that the individual can know who they are, and gives tips on how to recognize them. If the person is in service these tips can apply practically to any soul they’ve had direct connection with. For souls who are here individually it can be heart breaking to look forever for someone who isn’t there to begin with.

There are a variety of ways a person can determine whether or not any of their soul group is embodied at this time.

1. Check your soul book. In section 6 of your soul book is a relationship map. You can see all of the people you are connected with and in each individual’s box it will say what soul group they are a part of and how the soul is or is not connected with you outside of the embodied life.

2. You can use your problem solving box to show you if your soul group is embodied. The physical embodied forms will appear in the box and you can work with them to discover details.

3. You can ask your animal guide. You can ask them directly about your soul group or ask them to take you to someone who can provide you the information.

4. You can invite your soul group to your room in the Akashics. Anyone who isn’t embodied can then come to visit and inform you about the others, if there are others who are currently embodied.

5. You can ask a mentor, teacher, or librarian. If you are working with any of these at the moment they can work with you to get the information or direct you to where you can find it.

All of these can lead you to learn a great deal about yourself not only in this incarnation, but also beyond it. Because who could possibly know you better?

Teri Uktena works to help people change their lives, to help them achieve their dreams, find divine purpose, and achieve happiness through Akashic Readings

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