Spring Equinox — What’s In Your Closet?

Teri Uktena
6 min readApr 17

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere it’s Spring, at least by the calendar. In the US the East Coast is still cold, many people still have inches of snow and weather is still coming in. On the West Coast we’re enjoying the bounty of blooming and abundant water after draught. In the Southern Hemisphere things are turning inward and it’s time to start putting things away and preparing to hunker down for winter.

Spring Equinox is calling us to action. The Equinox is the time when the door opens and things start truly moving. It’s like we’ve been planning for a great trip for months now and today is the day when we pack up everything because the flight is tomorrow. It’s a long trip so we’re not just packing an overnight bag. We need to make sure we have everything we need and things we think we might need and the “just in case” stuff. For those who have worked through everything, gathered everything and have the right suit case, it’s a breeze. Time to pack? No problem. In fact, you have time to look at some of those travel tip YouTube videos on how to pack things in ingenious ways so they take up minimum space and still don’t wrinkle. Fun!

But for those who have those one or two things they have put off until the last minute, all of a sudden there’s no more time. They either get done now or they don’t get done. You can feel the stress of things pushing and pushing. Time to get this stuff done. What do I mean? Well, I’m talking about those things you say you’ll get to someday. The grief over a lost loved one or the heady mix of emotions around a divorce which happened just as you were having your third baby. You didn’t have time for them then and now it’s so long ago it doesn’t seem relevant except it’s always there in the background and doesn’t seem to go away. The blow up with your parents which happened just as you achieved your greatest career goal. It’s a shadow that doesn’t leave you or your relationship with them no matter how many excuses you use or how much forgiving you try. The dream you’ve had for years now which never changes and never goes away and yet you shake it off each time and ignore it because there’s nothing you can do. All of the narratives about your life which are “Just the way things are” and you drag around behind you while trying to find some way to let it all go. I’m talking about those things.

Teri Uktena

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