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Teri Uktena
8 min readSep 8

Is there roadside assistance for embodiment vehicles?

We’re taught by western culture that our bodies are machines, most often referred to by car analogies. You know: they go out of warranty, you need to change the oil, we’ll need to get you a replacement part, the transmission is falling out, etc., etc. Ain’t modern medicine grand? So if we carry the analogy out further, our soul is inhabiting a car driven by our brain with our annoying emotions sitting shotgun and arguing about where we’re going and why. Also, if given the chance, our emotions will be asking to stop at everything which looks like fun or has ice cream for sale. If the emotions aren’t sitting shotgun, then they are in the backseat doing really bad backseat driving and asking, “Are we there yet?” a million times per hour. All while the soul sits quietly and asks, “Why did I agree to this again?” when it’s not screaming “Will you pull over and let me drive????!!!!!” Unfortunately the brain rarely listens so mostly the soul is quietly talking to itself in the backseat.

All of this would make a great Pixar movie, btw. Like a sequel to “Inside Out.” However, that’s not really how things work. The body isn’t a meat car you’re driving around in. It’s a partner in a quartet which includes your mind, emotions and soul. It’s integrally linked with all of them and has just as much spiritual wisdom as all the rest. Because we’re taught it’s a car which breaks down, we mistake many of its processes for failures and seek to remedy them instead of listening to them. I hear this regularly from my clients and students. Their bodies are not doing enough/doing too much, carrying too much weight/can’t keep it on, can’t move/can’t stop, won’t rest/spend all its time resting, refuse to do what it’s asked, break when it’s doing what it’s asked, and basically decides to do something really inconvenient at exactly the wrong time just as we were finally getting somewhere or about to achieve a goal or be happy. It sucks. But rarely is this an indicator something in the body is malfunctioning.

Now, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Not everything is a message from on high. My having broken my middle toe during my freshman year of college wasn’t some message from beyond, it was me wearing sandals and not watching where I was walking when I went through a doorway. Stuff happens. Getting hurt in a car…

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