To Be Male or Female

Teri Uktena
8 min readDec 15, 2022

The concept of male and female is specific to embodied life. It is a means of reproduction. It seems simple on paper if you’re looking at the physics of it. You know, if the test of whether something is easy to explain is explaining it to a five year old, this is pretty easy to explain because people have done this. There are children’s books specifically to explain this subject at the appropriate level and, to be honest, rarely is anyone confused by it unless connected with being transgendered which is another subject for another time. Male or female are simple concepts yet omnipresent in physical life. So much so we have to actively work to see beyond or around them while we’re here. Since we leave nothing to chance when we enter into an embodied life including something as impactful as what sex we will inhabit, let’s take a closer look at what this entails and what it all means from an Akashic perspective.

First, it’s good to remember there is no sexual bifurcation in non-embodied beings. Souls don’t reproduce sexually, and they are not artificially relegated to two categories, male or female. Souls don’t actually have form and communicate through telepathy and empathy. They have the ability to merge with each other in a way embodied beings cannot, fully integrating with each other while still maintaining their individuality. This is somewhat akin to ecstasy if you remove the passion and add in more connection. As souls there is no means to touch physically, to experience the self fully while experiencing the other. We experience the other as ourselves in the forever now of time, which is not linear, and then we separate again.

Embodied life provides a means of experiencing ourselves and each other in a completely different way. To enter into encasement at all allows us to have privacy from the constant oneness of soul communication with others. It allows us the ability to be completely ourselves without interconnection. This separateness then gives us the freedom to choose how we will connect with others, how to express ourselves, and how much or how little to interact with others in a myriad of ways throughout each and every day. This in and of itself is amazing and for some is worth the difficulties of getting and being here, but beyond even this there is the ability to experience life as one half of a binary, being either male or female.

Teri Uktena

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